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Name:Aly Kay
Birthdate:Feb 24
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
How do you feel about random people?

Personally I'm in favor, seeing as I'm one myself. I tend to think I'm artistically-minded. I'm a writer, an artist, a performer, and an all around lunatic...according to me. I'm incredibly introverted and I have this odd idea in my mind that I'm completely different from everyone else because the fabric of my mind is a psychedelic, phosphorescent rainbow of Who-Knows-What, though the more I talk to people, the more I realize how pathetically similar we all are. We all have these unique lines on our brains that depict pathways of knowledge and experience and intelligence, but if you put my brain next to yours, I'd be astounded to learn that you could tell them apart. You probably couldn't (neuroscientists: please disregard). The human experience is a fiend. If I'm reincarnated, I think I'd like to be a tree. That will give me plenty of time to think and few opportunities to procrastinate.

I just finished an internship at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which is a lovely place to work if you lack the desire to sit down for any significant period of time. My biggest downfall in that setting was my failure to navigate confusing places. How many times can you pass a statue before you realize you're going in circles? I've broken the record. I worked with kids at a School in the south end, and with an art therapy group right at the museum. My special skill was giving really butt-kicking tours of the ancient worlds collections, since mummies are exciting (if you'd like a citation for that source, ask a six year old boy).

Ever since I was young I've had a problem with a concept of "you can't have your cake and eat it, too." I guess some people could call me a pack rat, but that's not especially true. I just save things I like, despite the fact that I may not like them for the purpose in which they were intended to be used. For example, I think that one of the most exciting, hope-filled things in the universe is a blank notebook. Once a notebook has writing in it, it is no longer quite as pure and therefore inferior... so I collect blank notebooks. I also collect exotic tea that I never expect to drink (once I drank purple tea. What an experience!), slippers (I wear them all at times, but I don't wear more than one pair consistently - I just like the idea of them), and all sorts of content-filled books that I may read once... or negative once. I just like the idea of having a library one day. Next year I'd like a bookshelf in my dorm room, but I'm going to have to convince my father to install it for me. And carry it up the stairs. To the third floor.

I'm in the process of not writing a novel. I tend to do a lot of novel length fiction pieces, and the ideas that I don't like as much are the ones I finish the quickest. Right now I'm penning ideas for a piece I've had in the works since my senior year of high school, but I don't necessarily plan on making much progress.

I like things that kids like. Sometimes I feel like I relate more to children than I do to adults. Sometimes I feel like I can't relate to anyone. I've met a lot of people and I'm not sure relating to them is a good thing in all cases.

I always tried to keep a journal during my childhood, but I always failed miserably. I've had a livejournal since high school, but I really only updated it about twice a month, and usually when I was really upset or incredibly excited about something. I hope my kids don't find it and think I was a bipolar teenager. I'm trying to be more serious now.

I'm afraid that if I somehow came into money, I'd spend it all on those 50% off calenders that they sell after new years and then use what's left over to go to The Sizzler or something. Either that or I'd buy books. There's an episode of The Twilight Zone in which a man who loves to read but has no time survives the annihilation of earth and then finally sits down to read the entire library when his glasses break. That's one of the most heartbreaking things in the world, though my vision problems involve distance so I cannot relate entirely. I thrive on being busy, but I miss reading when I don't get the chance.

I think I might be lonely, but my friends are usually making too much noise for me to contemplate this idea to any further extent.

If I could be any superhero, I'd politely decline.

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